Mise à jour => Vulkan 1.2.135

Change log for March 17, 2020 Vulkan 1.2.135 spec update:

  • Update release number to 135 for this update.

Github Issues:

  • Add missing dependencies of slink:VkExportMemoryWin32HandleInfoKHR on
    slink:VkExportMemoryAllocateInfo in the slink:VkMemoryAllocateInfo
    pname:pNext chain; slink:VkExportFenceWin32HandleInfoKHR on
    slink:VkExportFenceCreateInfo in the slink:VkFenceCreateInfo pname:pNext
    chain; and slink:VkExportSemaphoreWin32HandleInfoKHR on
    slink:VkExportSemaphoreCreateInfo in the slink:VkSemaphoreCreateInfo
    pname:pNext chain (public issue 1095).
  • Update the <> section of the SPIR-V environment appendix to allow the
    code:PhysicalStorageBuffer64 addressing model (public issue 1199).
  • Fix markup in parameters section of
    flink:vkGetPhysicalDeviceXcbPresentationSupportKHR (public pull request
  • Amend rules in the <> section of the style guide to allow other Khronos APIs such as
    OpenCL to reserve vendor IDs here so they can be shared with those APIs
    (public KhronosGroup/OpenCL-Docs pull request 203).

Internal Issues:

  • Clarify layer loading order for slink:VkInstanceCreateInfo and in the
    <> chapter following the specification
    of slink:VkLayerProperties (internal issue 1986).
  • Simplify markup for SPIR-V versions required by different Vulkan
    versions in the <> appendix
    (internal issue 2011).
  • Rename sname:VkQueryPoolCreateInfoINTEL to
    slink:VkQueryPoolPerformanceQueryCreateInfoINTEL in the
    <<VK_INTEL_performance_query>> extension (internal issue 2022).
    elink:VkValidationFeatureEnableEXT to specify that layers will process
    code:debugPrintfEXT operations (internal issue 2023).
  • Fix conflicting language in slink:VkSamplerYcbcrConversionCreateInfo
    valid usage statement 01653 (internal merge request 3629).
  • Add missing valid usage statement for slink:VkSparseImageMemoryBindInfo
    to require slink:VkImage objects created with the
    ename:VK_IMAGE_CREATE_SPARSE_RESIDENCY_BIT flag set (internal merge
    request 3633).
  • Remove redundant valid usage statement 00122 from flink:vkCmdCopyImage
    (internal merge request 3643).
  • Fix several places where VULKAN_1_1 was used in asciidoctor
    conditional markup instead of VK_VULKAN_1_1 (internal merge request
  • Fix conditional markup around slink:VkImageViewCreateInfo valid usage
    statement 01018 to ensure it doesn’t overlap a similar valid usage
    statement written for another combination of enabled extensions and
    versions (internal merge request 3655).
  • Remove redundant valid usage statement from flink:vkCmdCopyImage that
    was already covered by statements for slink:VkImageCopy. Eventually this
    will be inverted so the statements are located with flink:vkCmdCopyImage
    but that requires more work and is deferred (internal merge request
  • Clarify wording of slink:VkImageMemoryBarrier valid usage statement
    01671 and add a missing statement (internal merge request 3657).
  • Minor fixes to the style guide to bring it up to date with respect to
    the asciidoctor client, assignment of valid usage ID tags, and proper
    placement of valid usage statements (internal merge request 3662).
  • Add missing valid usage statements to slink:VkSubpassDescription2 based
    on comparable statements for slink:VkSubpassDescription (internal merge
    request 3663).

New Extensions

  • Ray Tracing package of extensions, including
    ** <<VK_KHR_deferred_host_operations>>
    ** <<VK_KHR_pipeline_library>>
    ** <<VK_KHR_ray_tracing>>
  • <<VK_EXT_pipeline_creation_cache_control>>
  • <<VK_NV_device_diagnostics_config>>
  • <<VK_NV_device_generated_commands>> (replacing
    VK_NVX_device_generated_commands, which was an experimental vendor
    extension and has been removed from the Specification and vk.xml).

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