Mise à jour => Proton-5.4-GE-1

-controller fix for warframe – allows controller profiles to be loaded only if a controller is plugged in. fixes crash if no controller plugged in after 5 min.
-vkd3d updated, allows WoW to be played using proton via lutris (disable dxvk in lutris)
-more metro exodus vkd3d fixes
-wolcen lords of mayhem ‘blob head’ fix
-detroit: become human patch added
-need for speed world launcher patch added
-wine+ wine-staging updated to 5.4
-dxvk updated to latest git
-faudio updated to latest git
-fixes from Proton 5.0.4 imported

Known issues:

-MHW broken since last patch.
-MK11 broken since wine 5.0
-Injustice 2 broken since wine 5.0 (did not work here, but have had it reported working in 4.21)
-Borderlands 3 does not work with vkd3d yet


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