Mise à jour => NVIDIA releases Linux 440.66.15, Vulkan 1.2 Developer Beta Driver

May 26th, 2020 – Windows 443.24, Linux 440.66.15

  • Fixes:
    • Fixed 16-bit SMin/SMax
    • CPU performance improvements for VkFence creation and usage [Linux]
    • Fixed a bug where vkUpdateDescriptorSetWithTemplate would ignore the stride parameter for some VkDescriptorType values
    • Fixed an issue with the Optimus layer selecting the iGPU when there was an application profile with Auto-select as the preferred graphics processor [Windows]
    • Fixed layout of compute shader shared memory that may have resulted in a compiler crash
    • Fixed a bug where vkCreateSampler would fail with no borderColor data, even though it wasn’t needed
    • Fixed a compiler issue processing image operation with extra unused coordinate operand components


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