Mise à jour => DXVK 1.6.1

  • Configuration options now accept the "..." syntax, e.g. d3d9.customDeviceDesc = "ATi Rage 128" (#1567).
  • Added dxgi.tearFree option to enforce the Mailbox present mode when Vsync is disabled, which should prevent tearing. May not work on all setups.
  • Fixed various issues causing incorrect rendering or crashes in D3D9.
  • Fixed Vulkan validation errors on Nvidia systems.
  • Fixed an issue with the setup script not working on Wine 5.6 due to a winepath regression.
  • Implemented missing DXGI functionality for some SpecialK mods. (#1544)
  • Blue Reflection: Work around game bug causing rendering issues. (#1574)
  • Battlefield 2: Work around a game bug causing black terrain. (#1558)
  • Crysis: Fixed a crash when loading certain levels in D3D9 mode. (#1528)
  • Half-Life Alyx: Fixed incorrect integer division-by-zero handling resulting in distorted geometry.
  • Heavy Rain: Improved performance on Nvidia GPUs. (#1575)
  • L.A. Noire: Fixed crash on startup. #1564
  • Prince of Persia: Fixed incorrect rendering on RADV. (#1537)
  • Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair: Work around rendering issues on AMD drivers.


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