Mise à jour => DXVK 1.5

With the news earlier about D9VK being merged into DXVK, to make DXVK the all-in-one solution for D3D9, D3D10 and D3D11 to Vulkan – we now have a fresh release of DXVK with it all together.

Today, DXVK 1.5 is out and the big headline feature there then is D3D9 support included! D9VK did actually have a standalone release just before all this happened with D9VK 0.40/0.40.1 and this DXVK release includes a few extra fixes too.

What does all that above mean? Simply put: DXVK will now run games that use D3D9, 10 and 11 and turn it into Vulkan when paired with Wine/Proton as of DXVK 1.5.

In this release the HUD you can enable gained an improved overall appearance, it can also now show the amount of memory allocated per Vulkan memory heap « which allows distinguishing between video memory and system memory allocations » and draw call and queue submission statistics are now updated every 0.5 seconds to make them more readable.

A few game-specific fixes made it in for Atelier Ryza, Crysis 3 (all GPUs now reported as NVIDIA), Halo MCC and Star Citizen.

See the full release notes here.

On the subject of DXVK possibly going into « maintenance mode », something a few others picked up on due to a comment on the DXVK GitHub. I spoke today to DXVK creator, Philip Rebohle, who said this to me:

Basically, not too much will change, bugs will still get fixed and if a game requires a feature to run, it’ll get implemented. DXVK has been more or less feature-complete for a while now, and most of the changes in the 1.4.x releases were bug fixes and some optimizations anyway. What I want to avoid going forward is large-scale changes to the code base since those are prone to introduce breakage, and it’s really getting harder and harder to debug any new issues.

So, nothing really changes. It continues on getting additions and fixes where it’s needed.

Source : https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/dxvk-15-released-with-d9vk-merged-in-for-d3d9-support-plus-a-statement-on-dxvks-future.15613

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